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The complex nature of radioactive material disposal means that many organisations require guidance throughout the disposal process. We have the ability to advise clients and help them manage liaison with The Environment Agency and other regulatory authorities. We have access to approved disposal and recycling routes, both in the UK and overseas, for most types of radioactive material, as well as a thorough knowledge of the existing regulations governing the collection and disposal of radioactive material.

  • Tailored - our flexibility allows us to tailor our services to meet the individual requirements of each of our clients, regardless of the size of the job, in turn maximising value for money.

  • Legal - we will help you achieve your legal and duty of care requirements, managing key regulatory bodies on your behalf and ensuring the safe disposal or recycling of your radioactive materials.

  • Analysis - with our own Health Physics department we are able to provide in-house and on-site nucleonic analysis for all radioactive isotopes. Where necessary, prior to quotation, we can conduct a site visit to ascertain the suitability of the material, carry out analysis and create a unique job procedure and risk assessment.


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