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The waste hierarchy puts an onus on treating and recycling waste where possible and has been in place since 2007.

Tritium is a recyclable radioactive material; however, currently no recycling routes are available in the UK. This has forced UK organisations to stockpile unwanted radioactive material in their storage facilities and account for it on their balance sheets.  This is not a viable situation long term.

To address this, ACB has set up proven international recycling routes for Tritium that meet both the UK Environment Agency and international regulatory requirements.

Our team of highly experienced individuals can manage the complete process, shipment, paperwork and liaison with different regulatory bodies. We offer you the assurance that your material has been sent for recycling safely, cost-effectively and in compliance with all the necessary UK and international regulations.

Tritium can be found in a variety of forms and applications across a wide range of industries, for example, self-luminescent devices such as exit signs, wristwatches and some luminescent paints.


When all else fails we can dispose of your tritium wastes as well.



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